August 13, 2018

    Going back to my childhood and thinking of all the many years of coming to the start of another school term would mound up to a fairly large number. Let’s see, there were twelve years before getting out of High school, then four years in the university. A break of five years happened before our daughter started school. Following the break came her twelve years of school and then we tack on three more for her younger brother. That would have done it had my wife not gone to work for the school and I started driving one of the school bus routes. Somewhere along the way we have included my wife’s thirty years of starting back to school and my twenty three years of transporting students. I am confused as to how many years that would be since they overlap some. Ad we didn’t even include the trips back to college to move our children onto the college campus.

   Needless to say, ‘going back to school’, is something that has happened over and over again. And it is happening at this present time. The wife is back into the workdays before the students begin. I am expecting to be on the school bus on the opening day of school in a week.

   Instead of being focused on routine, or longevity I think of the blessing of opportunities that come through the days God gives us to interact, to work and have influence among others. If any students who are returning to school will read this article, I would hope they will know what a fantastic opportunity to make a difference in their school is present at this time. With every teacher and staff member who deals with the children, there is given an opportunity to encourage. Children can be motive through a positive influence. School can be a fertile ground where character is built as it is seen in the lives of others.

  I know that our laws prevent us today in sharing our faith as openly and freely as in the past. But no law can prevent us from living by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. We can live by His principles of Truth and Righteousness. The attitudes we have, the words we say and the conduct of our lives can express our faith in Jesus openly without violating any law of man. Jesus has instructed us to be the “Light of the World” and the “Salt of the Earth”. No better opportunity is given to anyone than in the school setting. Precious minds and hearts are ready to be influenced by what takes place when going back to school. Be ready to help shape them with Faith in Jesus.

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