Hello to ALL:

It has been a quiet week out here.  So quiet you couldn’t hear my keyboard clicking away.   Sometimes things come up that you have no control over and you do what you have to do.  My apology for missing the column last week.

One recent Monday I had to go to my doctor in Dallas.  So I left on Sunday early enough to get to Wylie, where my daughter lives.  I had called earlier and made arrangements for me to pick up my granddaughter, Hannah.  She is 16 and full of life. She makes excellent grades and will graduate a year early.  I drove our little Pontiac Convertible and put the top down.  Hannah and I just cruised around North Dallas and Plano and on North to Sherman.  Not in any hurry, we just talked and visited.  We have not had that chance in a long time, several years.  Then I let her pick where to have dinner and it was Taco Bueno.  Interesting conversations…”What is your favorite movie?”

“What is your favorite music”  “What is your favorite book?”  So I took us to a Half Price bookstore and we browsed  for a while.  I bought her an Elmer Kelton book, “The Good Old Boys” and  for me one of her favorite books,

“The Mysterious Benedict Society” which I will read soon.  I didn’t know that she had been taking violin lessons for a few years.  She has a wide range of interest in music and the one that surprised me is that she is more than a fair hand at Rap.  I can’t listen fast enough to make it all out but that is not important.  My all time favorite  movie is “High Noon”.  When I mentioned that Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly were in it, Hannah said that she had to find the dvd and watch it.  She is a wizard finding music on her smart phone and we listened to the theme song  “High Noon” sung by Tex Ritter.  The past few years , decades really, I have not been to the movies.  So, her favorites were not at all familiar to me.  Same with the pop music and singers.  Grandpa is just not with it.  It was a wonderful evening and I really enjoyed it.  What is more important to me is that she seemed to enjoy the time spent with me.  Should something bad befall me before we get together again, maybe she will have the memory of that one evening we just bummed around talking.  I would encourage everyone to make friends with their grandchildren and maybe create a memory with them.  I have no memory of my grandfather except for little snapshots buried in my memory that really don’t come into focus.

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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