Hello to All:

It has been a quite week out here.   Trying to get out of the house early to do any mowing and outdoor stuff.  The cool of the morning is lasing a few minutes more every day.  By mid September I hope for the cool of fall to start in.

Under the warning flag, I received news this past week that an older lady was bitten by a cat.  The cat was sent to the state and they determined that the cat was in fact rabid.  The lady is having to take that series of painful shots.

I have my traps set.  Don’t know if I am going to catch a rabid cat or a skunk.

I would tend to be more watchful for a skunk acting up.  I have alerted everyone out here that I can.  I would  say to avoid any strange animal be it a cat, dog, skunk, possum or what ever.

Last week Dale and I were in San Angelo having lunch at McAlisters, one of our favorite places.  In the line in front of us were three gentlemen.  They were wearing starched jeans, starched white shirts and a straw cowboy type hat and black boots.  I could see that they were all armed with a pistol on one hip and on the other two spare  loaded clips.  I asked the guy in front of me if I could see his badge and he smiled and was proud to show his Texas Ranger Badge.  I told him that I was a native born Texan and had admired the Rangers all my life. There was one Ranger who lived across the street from me in Pecos.  But, I asked him what was the invasion coming that they sent THREE Texas Rangers to put down?  He grinned and told me that it was just a business thing.  All of the Rangers were friendly and very willing to stop and chat and answer any questions that were of a general nature. I mentioned that I had seen that statue  in the lobby of Love Field in Dallas of a Texas Ranger.  The brass plate at the foot states,  “One Riot, One Ranger” .  That is a famous story in Texas. I would add that any one of those three Rangers looked to be up to the task of stopping a riot single handed.

Then we went to the Livingston Hearing Center to get Dale’s new ears.  In the waiting room was another gentleman wearing a pistol on his hip.  He was wearing a western type shirt, no shiny badge but an imprint of a badge on the left upper side, just above the pocket.   I asked if he was a deputy.  No he told me, I am the Sheriff of Crockett county.  Not being sure of what town was in that county and he told me that was Ozona.  Now I am very familiar with that county.  When I was younger, I was on a Robert H Ray seismograph

crew (doodle bugger) and we were all over that county but I never knew where we were exactly all the time.  We introduced ourselves and he is Sheriff Bob Rodriguez.  I didn’t ask why he didn’t wear the metal badge but assume that he has a good reason.   Here again,  a law man with a  pistol on his hip but seemed to be inclined to try and not alarm any of us citizens, just a good old boy from West Texas, like the rest of us.  We talked a good while about Ozona and Sonora which is in Sutton County.

Then Dale and I got a cup of coffee for the trip home.  So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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