I fear the growing number of people in our society who do not believe in God and do not believe in the moral principles taught in the Bible and held to by Christians. I fear the horrible influence they have in our society. Just today I read an article about the materials in the sex education classes in schools around the world. In Germany public sex education is mandated and home schooling is illegal. But it isn’t just in Europe. I do not know which states in the USA were referred to, but mention was made that it is unlawful for Christian parents to teach their children at home. There was a quote from the book: The Global Sexual Revolution by

Gabrielle Kuby. The quote came from the 2010 manual of Girls Scouts and Girl Guides distributed by their World Association. The girls are told worldwide: “There is no right or wrong way to have sex…….do what you want to do”.  In my friend’s article he wrote: “In her book she has well-documented expose’ of current global campaigns to demolish the traditional family and squelch all rules for sex will chill the soul of any Bible-believing reader.”

   Because of the influence of the anti-Christian lifestyles today, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals rejected the Christian bakery owners’ right to refuse to bake a “wedding” cake for a same-sex couple. They are facing bankruptcy. A military chaplain’s promising career was ruined because he asked to be excused from leading a premarital retreat involving a same-sex couple.


    I witness the youth of our society today feeding on the right to do as I please and rejecting the guidelines of their Christian parents. I see the lack of any moral teaching among the masses of our land. I fear the destruction that is coming not just to our country, but in the lives of these young folks who have no faith or are rejecting faith in Jehovah, the Creator and Jesus Christ the Savior. The call of the Gospel of Jesus demands obedience to the moral conduct taught in Scriptures. Pornography is running rampant and immoral sexual perversions are being accepted as the “new” normal. Addictions, suicides, abortions, terrorism, violence in schools….just begins a list of all the tragic affects of a generation that is being influenced daily by the darkness of this world.

    Jesus came to this world to be the Light of the World. The Holy Scriptures contain the

Truth of God’s eternal Light. Let Jesus provide you with the light from above. The blessings are great. Life will be free from the deeds of darkness.

Max Pratt


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