Hello to All:

It has been a quiet week out here.  Cool most of the days and some rain.

Friday the rain started in the middle of the night and kept up a slow drippy rain all morning.  The rain gauge didn’t show a lot but the thing is, the rain was soaking in, not running off like it would if it were a hard rain.

I guess be thankful for any rain that we do receive.

I went to town to work on Judy’s lot.  The whole summer it was so hot and dry the grass and weeds didn’t really present much of a problem  Got a couple of cool weeks and some rain and they really did grow.  I kid you not, there is one weed that was waist high.  The walk behind mower would just bend them over and didn’t cut them.  The grass trimmer would not cut through the ½”  stems.  What to do?  Well, I grabbed one and yanked and the soil was so soft it just popped out.  I found a piece of rope in the back of the pickup and laid it on the ground  in a “U” shape.  Pulled the weeds and placed them on the rope.  I could get a good size bundle and tie the rope and drag it to the alley.  I had a stack of weeds that would fill that dumpster had I put them in it.  With the monster weeds out, the mower would cut fairly good if I tilted it back good and didn’t go fast enough to bog it down.  I got the front part of  where the house was and the side by the street.   There is still a lot to do but now it rained again and I need for a couple of days of sun to dry it out some.   Wet grass or weeds do not mow, they just bend over.

My son David, who lives in the Austin area, called and asked if I could meet him at a place that is not quite half way to Talpa.  Sure, just tell me when and where.  Later he texted me the name of a restaurant and the street address .

We had a nice lunch and then went out to the covered patio and talked for a couple of hours.  I finally asked if he had something big or bad that he needed to discuss.  No, he just wanted to visit with me.  Things have been busy and we just haven’t had a chance to just sit and talk.  I really enjoyed the visit as we were not in any hurry and there were no interruptions.  I thanked him for taking the initiative to make our meeting happen.  He is a busy guy, has a wife, one son in college and two smaller ones that keep him busy.  It is great to have a son that will do this.  Told him that I loved him and to have a safe trip back.

So it goes in our quiet little  corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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