Hello to All:

It has been a quiet week out here.  A lot of rain but no thunder and lightning.  I have emptied about 8” of rain out of the gauge this week.

That is about a 500% increase in the annual rainfall out here.  I don’t know who has all the old records and all of the “old Timers” are gone.  I don’t know anyone to ask.

At least I have a good excuse for not mowing the grass/weeds.

Not a lot of other things I can do.  I do clean up here and there in the house.  Watch the news until I get sick of the same old same old over and over.  Some of the time I just sit and look at the “outback” and enjoy a good cup of coffee.  Read on some books that I have been wanting to get the time do so.  One is titled “Lone Star” a history of Texas and Texans.  It is some 750 pages long.  It starts on the Texas landscape back before the Ice Age.  It is laborious reading.  I have been reading on it and reading on it for weeks.  Now I am about 18 pages into it.  May have to skip on to at least the Civil War if I ever expect finish it.  There are a few more Elmer Kelton books that I am looking for.  Judy has been getting books about the Kennedy family.

They are an interesting clan and there are some family laundry that get aired out that I never heard about. One book is about the daughter, Rosemary, that was never discussed in public. She would have been a sister to John  and Bobby.  Another book is “Geronimo” as told by Geronimo himself.  However, it went through a couple of interepters from Apache to Spanish to English.

I don’t really think that we get a literal translation of the Apache language.  The author has Geronimo speaking like a college graduate and that just doesn’t work.

Our “Coyote Hunter” didn’t get back with me this week, so I don’t know if the bait worked or not.  He is the sort to not give in easily so I expect to see a coyote hide or two next time he shows up.  With all the rain, I have not been setting the trap over at Dale’s house.  The “bait” is soggy and no self respecting critter is going to go for it.  So, trip the door and wait for better days.

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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