Presented by Ballinger Junior High Journalism Student Noah Peacock

Mrs. Butts is a teacher at Ballinger Junior High. She teaches Bearcat Success and Teen Leadership. She also taught Math, Science, and other subjects at other schools. She has taught at several different schools. The first school she taught at was Winters. After teaching at Winters, she taught at Ballinger from 1996 to 2001. Then she taught at Rankin and Hawley after leaving Ballinger. Then she taught at Argyle for about 10 years and then came back to Ballinger in 2015, and we’re so glad she did.

I asked Mrs. Butts what three words best describe her.  She said, “I am a very passionate person because I love what I do, and I’m passionate about teaching and kids learning. I am patient. It takes a lot to make me lose my patience. I am a loving person because I love what I do.”

Mrs. Butts does not have a pet anymore. She used to have a weenie dog named Little Red for about 13 years, but she got sick and died. It was a difficult experience for her family. Mrs. Butts decided not to get another pet. They are taking a break because of how difficult it was. If she could get another pet, she would get another weenie dog.

Mrs. Butts’ 22 year old daughter, Katie, is going to college at ASU and studying to become a teacher. Mrs. Butts said, “I am most proud of my daughter, Katie, because she is following in our foot steps.” Her household is also very quiet and calm since she only has one kid and she is at college. Mr. and Mrs. Butts aren’t home most of the time because they are usually going to events for our school.

In 10 years, Mrs. Butts sees herself retired and spending time with family just enjoying life.  In her free time she likes to shop, cook, and spend time with her family. She also goes to school events with Mr. Butts.

One of Mrs. Butts favorite type of foods to eat is seafood. She likes to eat at Red Lobster and a restaurant in Roanoke called Bayou Jack’s Cajun Grill. She also likes Mexican food, but she would rather eat seafood. Mr. Butts is also the same. He would pick seafood to eat if he had the choice over anything else.

I asked Christy, Korey and Mrs. Cullen about what they thought of Mrs. Butts. Christy Zhuang said, “She is highly intelligent and generous.” Korey Cavazos said, “Mrs. Butts is sweet, awesome, and always knows how to make someone smile.”  When I talked to Mrs. Cullen, she had a lot to say.  “I love Mrs. Butts.  She is very fun to work with and is great with students.  You can tell that she takes her job seriously and so do her students.”

I agree with them about Mrs. Butts. When I was in a her class last year, those words were like a mirror of her.

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