Hello to All:

It has been a quiet week out here.  I think that the freeze put a stop to the mosquitoes for the year.  Didn’t stop the weed from growing some.  I did get out and do a few hours mowing.  Hope that will do it for this year.  Need to get the weed wacker out and do a few places but nothing serious.

My neighbor, Esley, finally got his deputy sheriff badge this week. This has been a year of hard work.  Meaning that he held down a regular job and went to school on nights and weekends.  A Job well done.  Now he parks a vehicle in front of his house that says “Sheriff”  When the truckers see that, they slow it down.  I told him to go out now and then and run the lights for a minute when there is a good convey of trucks going by.  The word will spread soon enough to “not speed in Talpa”.

There was a ceremony and his lovely wife Jessica pinned Esley’s new badge on him.

I was over at his mom’s house either borrowing something or taking something back and the little guy, Cross was playing in the house.  Donna opened the door and here he comes.   There were several of the chickens pecking around here and there and they see Cross and here they  come.  He pets the chickens!  They are his little buddies.  Never seen anything like it in my life.  Except for the comic strip Peanut’s. Linus pats the little birds on the head.  But this is real time in real life.  That little guy is a lot of fun to watch.

For Thanksgiving dinner, Judy and I went next door at the invitation of John and Nancy Moroni.  Kenneth and Linda Dye from across the street were there also.  We had a really good dinner and good conversation.  So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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