Hello to All:

It has been a quiet week out here.  Mostly because I haven’t been here much.

We have been wearing out the road between here and San Angelo and Abilene going to doctors and clinics.  Judy is about well from the surgeries .

Then of course she still has the old problems of her knee and back.   A lot of days we started out at 6:00am and didn’t get back until 7:00pm.  Makes for really long days.  She also got to having a problem with her cpap mask.  A couple of trips to try and get the right mask that really fit and that took a few tries  Now we start in of minimum of 20 days of radiation.  This will be five days a week of driving from Talpa to Angelo every day.  Probably an early appointment so the whole day isn’t shot.  I am scheduled to go in to Shannon and have a couple of tests.  I may be wearing a cpap mask myself. Sleep apena is suspected.  The other is for a swallowing problem.  I get choked easily.  Take a bite, chew and chew then sip water, sip water and then I can cough up most of that bite.  So I get to go and have a machine give the Dr. a live view of me swallowing live on screen.

I have mentioned in the past about a small black/white cat that looked like a mini of may big cat.  I call her Mini the Moocher.  She is blind in her right eye it looks like.  I had never noticed that she only has 1/2 a ear on that side.  Must have been a big fight.  But she is still here.

We had one scary incident.  I went out to the cargo container to get something and there was the little cat, Tobi, standing inside the door.

I had noticed that she has missed a couple of meals when I went out to feed and that was not unusual.  She would come in later and eat at her pleasure. I was trying to think when I was last in there.  She spent at least two days in there with no food or water.  Seemed ok to me and I took her and gave her water and food.  She seems to have suffered no ill effects.

The last few days have cleared up and we had nice sunny weather.  However, I do see the predictions for low temps next week.  Just remember this next August and it is 106º.  So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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