Hello to All:

It has been a quiet week out here.  As usual, Texas weather is changing just about hourly.  As mentioned last week, I took off for Dallas last Monday.  I eyeballed the storm system on my weather app and thought that I had waited until it has passed.

That was partly true.  I caught up with it just about Ft. Worth.  It went from a few sprinkles to a torrential rain.  The speed limit going thru Ft. Worth is 60 mph.  Ha!  They were blowing by me going 75 to 80 mph and weaving in and out like they had good sense.  Yes, there were many rear end wrecks. A few idiots were driving with out their lights on.   Don’t stop there unless there is broken bones and blood.  Other wise the local police tell you to move it on if your car is drivable.  They will call a tow truck for you if need one. Just get it off the road.   The old turnpike was no different.  Finally, I got to the Geo. Bush Highway, which is a toll road and they collect your license plate or toll tag about eight times by the time you get all the way around to North Dallas. They get 85¢  and then $1.24 and then 57¢ and so on.  You are going at least 60 mph in a rain storm and they can get a clear pic of your toll tag or plates?  The rain was being splashed up by so many cars and trucks that I don’t think that is possible.

I finally arrived safe and sound in Wylie and my daughter’s home.  It was raining there and I covered my dress shirt with my jacket, grabbed my bag and stuff and made a run for the door.

My daughter, Kristen, fixed a great meal of a pot of chili and baked potatoes for her husband Lloyd and daughter Hannah and me.  I really enjoyed a good meal and catching up on news.  Then they built a nice log fire in the fireplace and we pushed our chairs up close and toasted our toes.

I was up early the next morning to give me some wiggle room to find my doctors new address.  I made that 9:30 am appointment with seconds to spare.  Most of my reports and lab work  was great.  I do have to go to Shannon in San Angelo to address a problem that I hope that I don’t have to report.  Well, it is a possible heart problem.  Too much coffee and caffeine is causing some discomfort in the chest and left arm.  Get it checked out.

Already have an appoint in Shannon for next Monday.

The trip back was in bright sun shine and clear sky and a wind that would cut you to the bone.  Later in the afternoon it was tee shirt weather.  I made it back home about 5:00 pm.  So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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