Last week our local communities had an amazing opportunity to come together and show our support for the remains of 18 unclaimed and unaccompanied veterans that were being escorted through by the Patriot Guard on their way to burial. In Winters they shut down an entire highway intersection and for as far as you could see there were people and cars waving the United States flag. People were waving their flags and screaming their support. Old soldiers were saluting as they passed. I stopped to video the event for the news posting, but as a veteran myself I couldn’t help but get the chills. I was brought to tears by the outstanding show of support for these 18 souls moving on to their final resting place.

Although I was on the other side of the county, the scene in Ballinger was much the same. A three highway merge completely shut down. A flag so large that it wouldn’t look out of place at a college football game. Again, people were lining the street waving the red, white and blue flag. I am sure that there were more tears shed that were not mine.

Looking back at this series of events it made me proud of our small West Texas communities and the support that they show for our veterans and our country. It also made me think a little bit.

For those 10 to 15 minutes that everyone was standing on the side of the road waiting for the motorcycles escorting the hearse everyone was on the same team. There were no Republicans. No Democrats. No Trump supporters, no Trump haters. We were all just red, white and blue waving, red blooded Americans!

For too many years we have been told to look at each other as the enemy. If someone doesn’t believe the same as you then they are the enemy, when in reality it all just boils down to a difference of opinion. In the grand scheme of things we’re all still on the same team. We might be playing a different sport at times, but the team is the same.

What it boils down to is who cares about any of the big things when it’s the little things that truly matter. Let us bring civility and respect back into the conversation and then maybe, just maybe, we can make this world and this country a better place.

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