Hello To All:

It has been a quiet week out here.  Judy and I were going to take a trip to Oklahoma to see the great grand’s third birthday.  Well, the truck that we were going take started acting up.  Start the first turn of the key one time and the next time not start at all.  The guy next door, Justin, could get it started after a lot of work but it still was not dependable.  So, one time when it was running we took it into a mechanic in Ballinger.  He worked on it for two or three days and said that his computer was not compatible with Nissan’s on board computer.  Only thing to do was have it  hauled to dealer in San Angelo.

Maybe get it back next week.  We will try to reschedule for April for the trip.

Both Judy and I are scheduled next week to go to Shannon for a couple of tests.  All I will say is that they are the “uncomfortable” test but you still need to go in and get‘er done.  Judy is still improving from the radiation treatments.

Talking to others who have had the same treatment, no two have the same side effects.  Some have much more discomfort and for longer.  Some have no side effects to speak of.  My old buddy from Pecos, Sterling, had 74 radiation

treatments in a row and said it didn’t really bother him.  But now he doesn’t sweat on the head or chest area.

We had a couple of nice sunny days.  The wind blew most of the time in the 15 mph gusting 25 mph and blow your socks off.  I had hoped that would dry out the grass/weeds.   On a nice sunny day with much less wind I got my old trusty lawnmower out.  This one was given to me by my old brother in law, Jim Phillips.  He has passed on now.  The lawnmower outlived him.  This is not really a morbid comment.  Jim was famous for taking a motor apart, line the parts up, clean them up and reassemble and the motor start up and never had to be called back on it.  This includes from lawnmowers to D8’s and Waukesha

Engines on the big drilling rigs.  Truck drivers would drive 200 miles out of their way to get Jim to work on the injectors on their big trucks.

My mower had sit under a wheelbarrow for the winter, put fresh gas in it and it cranked up on the second pull.  The tall weeds were still somewhat wet but I  pushed on through them.  Hope to get finished by this weekend.  Jim is probably sitting on the edge of a cloud somewhere, grinning.

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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