Hello to All:

It has been a quiet week out here.  The days are a bit warmer now.  After a couple of rainy days and cool nights , the next day warmed up and I have heard reports of the rattlers coming out to warm up.  So, keep an eye out for them.

I received a message to contact a reader of the Coleman Chronicle & Democrat Voice.  Sure, I like feed back so I called the phone number supplied and met Truitt Mitchell.  Truitt said that he was a regular reader of the paper and Talpa Talk.  The last column had some information about David Wendell Guion.  He said that his interest was piqued from the musical education and numerous places that Mr. Guion payed a part in the musical education in Texas.  I probed a little bit and found out that Truitt has had a part of musical education in Texas himself.  He attended McMurray and was in their band.  After that he was the director in Sundown, TX.   Then he went to Brownwood and taught there for a few years.  He also went to Santa Anna and was the director there.  He is now retired and lives on Brownwood Lake.  So, a very plain tombstone led to meeting a one of our readers that has quite a background in music and teaching in Texas.  I mentioned that I played in the Pecos marching band, orchestra and stage band.  I started out to play cornet.  However, the only one we could afford turned out to be a “tinny” sounding horn that just didn’t work.  The director asked me if I would mind changing over and play the big double B flat base. He needed a bass player and I was one of the bigger guys and could carry it and get to stay in the band.  In the orchestra and stage bands, I payed the string bass.  Truitt played the French horn. He said that he was familiar with the success of the Pecos band.  So, I invite questions from any of our readers about a subject of interest to them.  Your feedback helps me direct my attention and  I get to meet interesting people and learn of their backgrounds.  I did send Truitt a photo of the Guion tombstone.  Just for the record, I read the Coleman paper from front to back.  Olivia De Los Santos , who pens South Coleman County News has been to my house for a visit and helped me get started with Talpa Talk.   So I am always interested in her column.

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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