It has been a quite week out here.  Not.  I finally got to mow a little bit.  Mostly had to use the weed wacker to take down some of the weeds.  They were nearly as tall as me. Even the grass that was nearly a foot tall had to be shortened some for the lawn mower.  I tried that old trick of tilting the mower back and try to push it in.  Didn’t work. So , it is going to be hard all the way.
Mentioned earlier that I was staying with a friend who had taken a fall.  That would be Dale Herring.  He was walking from outside into the back door  and somehow got off balance and took  hard fall.  He was lucky that the lady that  comes to clean was here. She put a bandage on his arm.  Then she called Dale’s daughter, Angelita, who drove him to the emergency room.   When he fell, he hit his right hip, right arm , ribs and his head.  At first they though that the right hip was cracked.  Turned out to not be cracked but a lot of arthritis that was showing on the x-ray.  The right elbow had  a couple of places that the skin got torn and the arm badly bruised.  His ribs took a good hit and bruised.  Also , the top of his head got skinned  some. What could have been very bad, such as the hip being broken, Dale was very sore but nothing too serious.   I have been over at his house most days and Angelita has been here at nights and weekends. The next week after the fall, I drove Dale to the Rehab in Ballinger. The physical therapy lady there has done a great job in getting Dale from a walker to a cane and now without a cane.   Dale is still has some sore ribs but is up and about and we expect him to fully recover from what could have been a serious accident.
So it goes in out quiet little corner of  Coleman  County

Talpa  Bob.

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