Hello to All:

It has been quiet out here this week.  Except for the gentle chorus of 16 million grasshoppers.  They drive me crazy.  Forever  jumping up in my face

Or legs and I think that a rattler has got me.  They will be gone soon

Enough.   Coleman had their rodeo last week .  They have a pretty good show.

But…I am from Pecos, Home of the Worlds First Rodeo, July 4, 1883.  Some

Other places try to claim that First spot, but they didn’t have mix that Pecos had.  Entry fees,  bareback bronco riding or with saddle, tie down calf roping by the clock, and bull riding and place money.  I lived in Pecos and was in High School in mid to late 50’s.   I was in the marching band and we always marched in the opening parade.  Here is something that got settled a long time ago.  The Band goes first, then the horses come along behind.  That is because the white band shoes would not be white for very long.  The horses have no sense of decorum about some matters.  Well, that and we wore our band uniforms.  Heavy wool coats and pants.  Most of the time the temperature would be around 106 º .  Yes, we did have a few causalities.

Nothing a drink of water and some shade wouldn’t fix.  Then at the rodeo, we had a small band of maybe 6 or 8 instruments to play at dead times between rides, etc.  I saw a picture that someone posted on facebook of the Pecos parade for this year. The school colors are purple and gold, so the guys wore gold Tee shirts and purple shorts.  Any shoe would do.  Things change.

I have been to other towns and seen their rodeos…none really compare to the Pecos Rodeo.  It draws big name cowboys and has a good pot of money to split up between them.  I saw where Pecos is going to build a new venue for the rodeo.   It will be the Buck Jackson Memorial Rodeo Grounds.  Buck was a local guy who was the announcer for many years.  He had more jokes and malarkey than anyone else in the county.  I have many fond memories of those days but I wouldn’t sit out in 106 º to watch the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders ride by topless.

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Tala Bob

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