Hello to All:

It has been a quiet week out here.  I did get a few dry days and the grass/weeds dried out enough to mow at.   When it gets 3’ or higher, it is a fight and you can’t just mow a straight line.  I had to weed eat some of it down and a machete on some of the taller weeds.  The trick is going to be getting up early enough to work before the heavy heat gets on us.

One day a while back,  I was driving on Hwy 67 going West into the  setting sun.  There was a magnificent cloud bank that was boiling up and around from one horizon to the other.  Most of it was gray but in the middle part the sun was shining and making them glow and shine like silver.  Then there was an opening in the clouds.  A huge opening with the sun making a path down to the earth.  Well, this is it I thought.   In a minute Jesus will come walking down to us.  Here I am and haven’t shaved or taken a bath for two days and probably need to change my underwear and socks.   Everyone else will Rapture out and I will be left sitting here.  Nothing really did happen right then.  I call a friend of mine who is an ordained minister and talked to him for a while.   He told me to not worry about that and just not being fresh shaved wouldn’t make any difference where I am going anyway.  What?  He said that I might look into buying a pair of asbestos underwear.  He went on for a while and talked about a guy we both knew growing up.  The guy was named Ernie and he was bad news  from day one.   He was always in a fight, just finished a fight or was looking for a fight.  Seems that there was a terrible rain storm going on and a sweet little old gray haired lady had a flat and was parked beside the highway.  Probably for the first time in his life, Ernie performed a good deed.  He stopped and was changing the flat tire for the elderly lady.  A truck came by too close and sucked Ernie under it and rolled about 9 of the 18 wheels over him.  Ruinated him.  My question was, will dying while doing a good deed get you into heaven?  The answer was no.  Anyway, Saturday evening I went to Big O’s place over in Valera for some brisket.   We got to taking and he had been to the hospital in Temple.  This was a check up on how his transplanted kidney was doing.  It was just fine and he didn’t need to come back for a year.  Really.  I didn’t know when the transplant was made but I can say that O was looking better than he had  in a while.  He had a picture of him and his wife and another guy and his wife.  That other lady got one of the donor’s kidney and O got the other one.  No, he didn’t know who the donor was but he was very grateful.  O said that now he has three kidneys.  They don’t take the two that stopped work out, just put a new one on line and it works out better.  So, It didn’t make any difference if it was a left or right side kidney.  I started to tell him to make sure that every morning to shave and put on clean underwear before going to work but I don’t think that I could explain all that in a café full of patrons eating O’s food.  So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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