JULY 19, 2019


In the first century the apostle Paul wrote in his letter to Christians living in the city of Rome these very words: “The wages of sin is death”. He wrote about sin and warned about the consequences of it in all of his letters that have been included in the Bible. Plain and direct language from the Bible tells us that the one who sins will die. It goes on to tell how we can be forgiven our sins. We can be forgiven because Jesus Christ died in our place and paid the debt of our sin. We can receive God’s grace by believing and trusting in this truth. Once we accept this most precious gift of the Heavenly Father, we then respond through repentance and obedience to the will of God in our lives. We seek Jesus to be our Savior and we commit to His being the Lord over our lives. Here we are about 2,000 years later and what the Bible identifies as sin is not labeled as sin by many folks today.
One preacher friend of mine recently wrote these words about this subject: “In the last two decades state after stated has legalized everything from euthanizing the elderly to killing pre-born(and most recently, just –born) babies. And we are now reversing centuries of laws against same-gender sex and public nudity and fornication.” The evidence of his statement is obvious in this present generation.
I find myself wondering how can the moral decline continue to spiral downward? When will it hit bottom? I am appalled at the ever increasing clamoring against what the Bible says is ungodly.
We should believe in the truth that God has placed His moral laws over us, to protect us from the deadly consequences of sin. Breaking Bible rules are not only deadly to this physical life, but to the eternal life that is to be found through the righteousness of Christ. The best life insurance policy we can have is the one that comes from the Lord who loves us the most.
Max Pratt

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