Hello to All:

It has been a quiet week out here.   Again, because we were not here for most of it.  We went back to OK to take the little Great Grands shopping for “start to school” clothes.  I took care of Bubba and the younger girl, Zoey, while Judy and Jera (Judy’s daughter) went to Oklahoma City to shop.  I had a good time keeping the wee persons.  I think they had a good time also because they were so tired by bedtime that there was no arguments about it.  They barely got their little heads on the pillow and they were out like a light.

We started back on Saturday and it was a hot ride the whole way.  Pulled up in our driveway about 3:00pm and I was going to go unlock the back door and put Judy in the house first.  WHAT IS THIS??? The living room was flooded with water.  Walk on in and find out what was going on.  The hose to the toilet in the laundry room had burst and was flooding the house.  Turned it off at the connection at the floor and tried to think about what to do first.  The laundry room, part of one bedroom, the hall , front living area and part of the kitchen were under water.   At first I tried to use a big shop vac to suck up the water.  Right away I saw that it wasn’t going to do the job.  Called the emergency number on my homeowner’s policy.  Finally got someone in claims.  The lady took the information and said to hold on and she would connect us to someone else to authorize action.

Wait.  Wait. Finally another lady gave us a claim # and said to wait that another person would check about our policy.  Wait. Wait. She never did call back. I went ahead and called Service Master in San Angelo and talked to Adam and he took initial information about the “accident” and then connected me to Kevin, the supervisor.  He discussed the extent of the damage and about the actions that he could take.   I decided to go ahead and ask him to come on out with his crew.  I knew that I had a homeowners policy and fairly certain that I had “accidental discharge of water” covered.  In an hour or so Kevin, Adam and a couple of their men were out here.  They started carrying things in the house out and placing them under my carport.  When the areas that were wet were cleared off , they had a big vacuum and took up most of the water.  Then they  brought in a lot of fans that blow hot air.  A short distance from each fan was a machine that sucks the moisture out of the air and sends through a tube to a sink drain.   By then, it was midnight.  Kevin said to leave the fans on until Monday morning.  He gave me instructions on what to do if the circuit breakers started to pop.  I took the responsibility for all of the above with the belief that my insurance policy would cover it.  We will find out at 8:00am on Monday morning.  That was a long day, first drive back from OK and then trying to deal with this mess.  Somewhere in there I missed dinner.   Judy had to go to work at 6:00pm and I was there alone for what ever meal it is around 1:00am.  It was a glass of milk and some honey gram crackers.  No one had to rock me to sleep that night.

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Tala Bob

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