Miles High School held its annual cross country meet on September 25. In honor of their biggest supporter, Miles dedicated the meet to Bob Fuller again this year.

“I know so many students and teachers here,” Fuller said. “They all treat me so well. I really love Miles.”

Fuller attends every athletic competition for Miles and continues to support the teams with his inspirational encouragement.

“I ran all my life, and I’ve really enjoyed watching people overcome the challenges of racing,” Fuller said.

Junior Ana Segura from Mason took first place in the Varsity Girls race.

“It’s a mental game that pushes me to strive my hardest every time I run,” Segura said.

Running cross country since her freshman year, Segura continues to push herself in hopes of advancing to the state meet.

“It is hard, but it has made me stronger,” Segura said

First place for varsity boys was Irion County’s freshman, Tayte Cormier.

“Cross country is the most brutal sport there is,” Cormier said.“It’s all about not giving up.”

Irion County’s cross country Coach Derek Schoen has high expectations for his team this year.

“We’ve got a good young runner and a lot of experienced kids,” Schoen said. “Our goal is to win the upcoming district championship, and place high enough as a team at regionals to qualify for state.”

Junior Kyle Vahlenkamp from Miles continues to impress with his second-place time. He strives to make it to the state competition alongside the other runners from Miles.

“I love being a part of our cross country team,” Vahlenkamp said. “The guys on the team and I have become really close. We are like a family.”

Sonora’s varsity boys had four runners place in the top ten, and the team took home first place.

“Our district is very tough,” Sonora Cross Country Coach Larry Jennings said. “It is going to be hard to compete against all of the great schools, but our boys are very competitive this year. We are really focused on district right now, but our goal is to advance to the Region meet.”

Fuller is excited to support Miles as they continue through the season, and he plans to attend all of the upcoming competitions.

“I’ve come to watch them so much; I cannot quit,” Fuller said. “I just love doing it.”

Bob Fuller Cross Country Meet

Wednesday’s Results from Miles


Team Standings- 1. Mason, 68 points; 2. Sonora, 79 points; 3. Water Valley, 117 points; 4. Eden, 124 points; 5. Veribest, 145 points; 6. Grape Creek, 152 points; 7. Miles, 157 points; 8. Blackwell, 160 points; 9. Reagan County, 172 points

Top 10 runners- 1. Anna Segura, Mason, 13 minutes; 2. Sheyla Aguilar, Reagan County, 13 minutes, 50 seconds; 3. Kinsley Jordan, Mason, 14 minutes; 4. Fernanda Gonzalez, Sonora, 14 minutes, 8 seconds; 5. Alliyah Harrison, Veribest, 14 minutes, 9 seconds; 6. Esmerelda Salazar, Sonora, 14 minutes, 13 seconds; 7. Audrey Tillman, Irion County, 14 minutes, 21 seconds; 8. Angela Gomnzalez, Sonora, 14 minutes, 29 seconds; 9. Elisianna Arhelger, Water Valley, 12 minutes, 30 seconds; 10. Kalysta Minton-Holland, Water Valley, 14 minutes, 30.34 seconds.


Team Standings- 1. Sonora, 44 points; 2. Miles, 55 points; 3. Irion County, 70 points; 4. Reagan County, 71 points; 5. Veribest, 117 points

Top 10 runners- 1. Tayte Cormier, Irion County, 17 minutes, 40 seconds; 2. Kyle Vahlenkamp, Miles, 17 minutes, 50 seconds; 3. Bo Dunn, Veribest, 18 minutes, 40 seconds; 4. Jalen Lopez, Sonora, 18 minutes, 54 seconds; 5. Fernando Gonzalez, Sonora, 19 minutes, 23 seconds; 6. Hunter Obanon, Sonora, 19 minutes, 29 seconds; 7. Hunter Fuller, Reagan County, 19 minutes, 57 seconds; 8. Jacob Obanon, Sonora, 20 minutes, 2 seconds; 9. Kaiden Councilman, Irion County, 20 minutes, 21 seconds; 10. Imanol Zea, Miles, 20 minutes, 30 seconds.

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