Cathy, Alex, Matthew and Kristen Vargas decided about  3 months ago that Ballinger would benefit tremendously from a coffee shop.  Cathy and Alex used to own a cafe where they raised their three kids. After moving to Ballinger in March 2017 the family has grown to love Ballinger and enjoyed getting to know everyone that they have met.  Cathy and Kristen were talking one day and thought a coffee shop would be beneficial to everyone in Ballinger.
The shop will be serving every flavor of coffee you can think of! Lattes, frappes, iced coffee, teas, even smoothies!  There are also going to be some SURPRISES that we will release when upon opening.  Hours of operation look to be Monday through Saturday and maybe a few hours on Sunday.
The building process is underway at the location, 1908 N 8th St. with a start date in late October if everything goes according to plan.
The name, Faithful Grounds, comes from the Vargas family beliefs. Being a Christian based family they always put everything they do in God’s hands and because of their faith in Him, they feel are blessed enough to help the community.
Faithful Grounds isn’t just a coffee shop, it’s a place where the community can come and enjoy a cup of coffee and relax in a calm family oriented atmosphere. Also, maybe make some friends!  The family is hoping that the business will grow and eventually expand to accommodate more guests.

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