On October 8th, 2019 local Ballinger citizen Ben Juarez SR and his family lost everything in a house fire. The fire was started by an electrical short and consumed the entire house and all belongings. Ben Juarez SR is a marine veteran who sacrificed for us, so lets come together and support him in this difficult time. Not only did he lose it all but his son Carlos (Chucky), Carlos’ wife Chanel, and their youngest son who also reside in the home lost all of their belongings as well.  Any and all donations will help! Please lets help Ben recover from this unexpected accident.Thanks to everyone in advance.

On top of dealing with the tragedy of this house fire Chucky Juarez is currently in the hospital fighting for his life. The family is expending all of their energy on being there for their son and it is unfortunate that they are also having to deal with losing their home as well. Please consider donating, even the smallest amount. Every dollar will help and go towards getting this family back the things that they need.

House fire GoFundMe for Ben Juarez SR

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