Miles Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) members worked with Miles elementary students and teachers to reward students in grades 1-3 for being great readers.

Each Friday during football season, two students from each first, second, and third grade were chosen to be Readers of the Week. The readers were given a wagon ride to and from the pep rally, a seat in a VIP section, had their names announced, and received an FCCLA Reader of the Week water bottle.

FCCLA students in charge of pulling the reader wagons to and from the pep rally this year were Jessica Hinds, Sara Kohutek, Brooke Vazquez, Brianna Vazquez, Li’Anna Castaneda, Bailey Martinez, Amara Ramsey, Ricky Collins, Ernesto Orantes, Laura Valdez, Amcinda Orantes, Jacob Vega, Emily Weiland, Johanna Weiland, Libby Crouch, Kylie Crocker, and Estela Luna. Paige Ernhart is their advisor.

Elementary teachers cooperating with the FCCLA students were Heidi Hudson, Stefani Noland, Tiffany Ivey, Shaunessey Martinez, Tiffany Riddle, and Candice Yancy.


The Readers of the Week for the year are as follows:

1st Grade: Sadie Becker, Madison Durham, Kade Ellisor, Sophie Glass, Hattie Kalina, Aiyden Alwine, Abril Martinez, Osvaldo Retano, Josephine Fuchs, Jocelyn Sanchez, Heather Gully, and Zayden Boone.

2nd Grade: Mallory Ellison, Klaytin Garmon, Allison Eubanks, Whitney Christian, Aubrey Bockhorn, Hudson Tuxhorn, Olivia Martinez, Hadley Hohensee, Dryden Taubert, Ava Henshaw, Grace Burrus, and Leo Rodriguez.

3rd Grade: Chayse Beimer, Tristan Gutierrez, Olivia Faubion, Rusty House, Olivia Osbourn, Emily Glass, Cole Kellermeier, Ashlynn Matheny, Tommy Tiftickjian, Shyanne Medina, Kloey Gabrielli, and Keeley Binder.


Congratulations Readers of the Week!

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