Hello to All:

It has been a quiet week out here. Mixture of nice days and cold windy days.

Last Friday, the 6th,  Judy and I drove to a nice hotel in Austin to spend the night.  It is a long drive to get up and drive that morning and back again that evening.  As part of my birthday, David put us up in a very nice Marriot Garden hotel.  It was very comfortable.

They moved from Pflugerville to a very nice, large country home.  It is near the little town of Florence, toward Georgetown.  It is on a F to M road so there is no town or street you would recognize…like FM 220.  We did this on David’s invitation to celebrate my birthday which is actually on the 15th.  This was the day that most of us could get together.

My youngest, Kelly and his wife Mai and daughter Karen came from San Angelo.   My daughter, Kristen, who lives in Wylie was unable to attend.  Her

Husband, Lloyd was under the weather.  Actually he is recovering from a heart attack a year ago.  They just now implanted a pace maker so we will see if it help.  Just immediately it didn’t give him any relief.  It did point  a different direction to go in his treatment.

David has his wife Carrie, oldest son Gerod and the little guys Lily and Colton were in attendance.  Carrie did most of the steak grilling.  She had some kind of an Australian meat rub for steak.  It was very good.   We ate and visited. It was a bit windy so we stayed inside most of the time.  Judy had to drive back about 3:00 because of her obligation in Ballinger.  I stayed and Kelly would drive me back a couple of hours later.  That allowed me to indulge in another piece of German chocolate cake that Mari made.

Later, the wind calmed down some so David and I went walking around his house.  He has about nine acres I think he said.   Most of it is like a great big lawn, mown and neat looking.  At the very back of the property there is a nice stand of trees  We didn’t walk that far back but I will next time.   I think that you can hunt bears back there.  I told him that he needs to join the Texas Goat Growers or what ever the association is and keep a few goats.  That would cut down on a lot of mowing.

I am pretty sure that the kids will be wanting a pony.  I told him to stick to what he knows about and they have a cat so that may be it.

The time slipped away and it was about 6:00 when Kelly loaded us all up and headed back.  It was several miles out of his way to go thru Talpa but he said it would be ok on birthdays.  So, you ask what number birthday it was ?

Like Jack Benny said, 39.  Good enough for Jack Benny it is good enough for me.

So that is the way it goes out in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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