Hello to All:

It has been a quiet week out here.  A couple of cold days with the wind blowing and cold rain on and off.   Then today the sun comes out and we have a blue sky , lots of sun and the wind isn’t too bad.

A few years back it was that you could go to the drugstore and go to the lunch counter and get a pretty good sandwich.  You could also request special blended fountain drinks.  I recall that a cherry Dr Pepper was popular.  I don’t recall if the “extra” cost more or not.  I am thinking not.  Did you ever have a chocolate coke?  Anyway, the thing is that the other day Judy came in with a bottle of vanilla orange Coke, bottled by Coke Cola.   Who came up with that?  Anyway, it is a different taste.  Not sure it will ever replace a regular Dr Pepper made with real cane sugar.  They did bottle “real” Dr Pepper’s in Dublin, Texas.  They don’t do it anymore. So, I got a 12 pack of the V O Coke and brought it home and put a few in to cool off.  Not bad but Judy sez to not get the canned anymore, she like the bottled.  Ok, but I will probably stay with A & W Root beer in the absence of real Dr Pepper.

Our friends from Louisiana came in as expected.  The first couple of days were cold, wet and windy and not at all good weather to hunt quail.  They invited us over for dinner one night and it was more than really good.  John brought some fresh caught bass.  He deep fried the fish and some hushpuppies that rival his biscuits  (and those biscuits are really good).  He also deep fried some french-fries that were thin and crispy, like I like them.  Some cold slaw to round it out.  Then the desert was homemade cherry pie as good as any that you ever took a bite of.  No hurry, just enjoy a good meal and good conversation.

The next day John took his hunting dogs out and looked for quail.  Not much luck that day but one of the dogs got too far out and missed the call to come back in.  John went out hunting the next couple of days to hunt but also to look for that dog.  No luck.  They have to head home soon so I would ask if anyone finds an English pointer, white with some brown on his head to try and get him to come to you .  His name is Pete.  He has a “cherry eye”(inner eye lid protruded outward)  Just pen him up or tie a rope on him to your fence or something. The dog has a collar with John’s phone number.  Please call John and he will let me know where to come pick the dog up.  I do hope the dog is still alive and not a victim to a coyote or bobcat.  If that is the case, please take the collar  and I will come get it.   If you have a shovel please put a couple of loads of dirt over the poor dog.  He has been a good hunter and well behaved dog.

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

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