A total of five individuals have signed up to run for the three Board of Trustees positions open for election this May. The three candidates with the most votes will be elected. Each voter can vote for up to three candidates. Only one vote for each candidate. The three individuals with the most votes will be elected to serve three year terms (2020-2023). The individuals that signed up for election are:

Daniel W. Bennett – Mr. Bennett is the owner/operator of DB Construction and the current Vice-President of the PRISD School Board. He has lived his entire life in Paint Rock. He has three step daughters and two step sons who have graduated from PRISD and he has three grandchildren currently enrolled in PRISD.

Benjamin (Ben) Vasquez Borrego – Mr. Borrego is the owner/operator of Underground Commercial Environmental, LLC. He has been living in the Paint Rock community for 10 years.

Micky Collins – Mr. Collins is a professional fireman and medic. He has been living in the community for 22 years. He is a former President and Vice-President of the PRISD Board of Trustees. His wife is a retired PRISD teacher and his two children graduated from PRISD.

K. D. Singh – Mr. Singh is the owner/operator of Four Corners store and gas station as well as other businesses in the area. He has two children attending PRISD, one in high school and the other in junior high school. He has lived and operated businesses here for about 4 years.

Danell F. Sims – Mrs. Sims is a retired educator from Ballinger ISD and is currently working as a special education consultant with a number of other local school districts. She has been living in the community for 37 years. She is currently the Secretary of the PRISD School Board. Her children all attended and graduated from Paint Rock High School.

All five candidates will draw for ballot positions at the PRISD School Board meeting at 6pm on Monday, February 24, 2020.

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