Hello to All:

It has been  quiet week out here.  Judy and I have been enjoying the cooking of John, our neighbor.  If he farms the way he cooks, he must be a humdinger of a farmer.  Speaking of which , there is one presidential candidate that proclaimed that anyone can be a farmer. You just poke a hole in the ground, put a seed in it, cover it with dirt and water it.  I told John to please write his congressman and invite the said candidate to come on out and spend a few days to see just how easy it really is to plant corn.  I will bet what ever you want that he can’t make it to noon.  A couple of other candidates agreed that “Old People” that get sick or have cancer, it is their duty to go on and die and get out of the way.  No need to waste assets on a lost project.  Ok, let us put that in writing somewhere so that when that  person get old and gets sick, hand him/her their express opinion as to what they should do.  Ok, that is enough politics.  There seems to be some things that need to be said and you are never going to hear it on the news.

A couple of days ago, February 18th , was my daughter and granddaughter’s

Birthday.  They we were born on the same day.  My granddaughter was

18 and I forget how old my daughter is.  She is 39 plus some but looks many years younger.  So, I just go with the 39 to be safe.  She has beautiful long blonde hair.  People ask often enough, “What rinse do you use”?  None, that is the natural color.   I would be happy to just have hair.  Hannah, the granddaughter, has a beautiful mane of hair that I can’t adequately describe.

All I can say is that she wears it well.

Well, one day it was 80º and sunny then we has rain, snow, sleet and freezing weather.  Wind that would blow your socks off and then back to a nice day.

So, that is the way it goes out here in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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