Hello to All:

It has been a quiet week out here.  Nice sunny days with a bit of chill in the air still.  Some good days to get outside and start in on lawn work.

Not much to watch on TV except the same old same old about the corona virus.  The associated news with that was the big run on toilet paper and paper towels.  Looking back , I found no reference to the virus causing a bowel problem.  Or a nasal problem.  How did that start?  What if someone had hollered that we need to corner the market on broccoli  and asparagus.  They are the key to immunity of the virus.  Then the stories of fist fights over the last big package of toilet paper.  I saw someone with one of the flat bed things loaded as high as he could get it with toilet paper and Kleenex.  I have a feeling that next summer you will see some yard sales with stacks of toilet paper for sale.

I have sort of a memory of something that happened several years ago.  It involved the daughter of my neighbor in Richardson , who lived with her husband in the mountains of Colorado.  They lived high up, maybe the 5,000’ or 6,000’ level.  There was a man who lived a quarter mile down the road from them.  In the winter they did get a fair amount of snow.  The snow plows do no go up the dirt roads.  They had a tractor with a plow but when it gets 10’ deep it is not worth the effort to plow it off.  One winter they got a week of serious snow.  It would be weeks before they could expect to get to the store.  With this in mind, they usually had the store room packed up with what ever they might need to get through several weeks.  As it turned out this time, one had a good supply of cigarettes and the other had plenty of toilet paper.  Real soon they found out that they would need to do some bargaining with each other.  I don’t recall which family had what, but at the start they tried to get the $ part close.  I don’t really  recall the price of cigarette or toilet paper but soon enough the party with the cigs found that they held all the cards.  If you know someone who is addicted to cigs you know that they will pay just about what ever to get them. I think it started out one pack of cigs for two roll of paper.  That went to one pack for 4 rolls.  You can see where this was going.  After a few weeks it was one cig for a roll and then one cig for two rolls.  It wasn’t food or something totally necessary, it was just an addiction to cigarettes. Finally the weather broke and the road got cleared enough to get up and down and each family could get to town to buy what ever they wanted.  I can see where that might have caused some hard feelings but it didn’t.  They stayed friends and just did a better job of stocking up on toilet paper and cigarettes in the future.

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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