Hello  To All:

It has been a quiet week out here.  Had a couple of 90º days so I guess that summer is really on us.  Had a few nice days of rain and then the sun came outs and the grass/weeds are doing well, thank you.  I just mow at it when I can.  There is no good way to get all of it at one time.

Had a visit the other afternoon.  It is our friend from down the road. Some days he is a philosopher and some days a poet.  One day he was a diamond back rattler catcher.  He has done this before and had no problems.  But you only need one bad day.   He “milks” the rattler for the venom and sells it to a lab or somewhere that uses it to make antivenom.  The snake somehow twisted around and bit him on the heel of his left thumb.  It had been a week or two since the incident but the arm, hand and thumb were still discolored and swollen.  His thumb was still swollen three times normal size.   Fact is he nearly died from it.  He was rescued pretty soon and they called the AirMed to come pick him up.   Probably saved his life.  So, the snakes are up and awake and out side.   Some say that the snakes are not rattling.  I don’t hear that well so I couldn’t say.  Just keep your eyes open and watch around you  Even on your own patio.

This corona virus is messing up everything.  Schools are out for the year.  What about the kids that don’t get a graduation ceremony and get presented a diploma?  No senior prom.  You can probably get a different opinion from as many people that you ask.   Is it worse than the regular flu?  Maybe and maybe not.  Old folks don’t do well with either and young people can get pneumonia also.  Some are saying to just wait and they will have a vaccine for it.  Okay, what about all the diseases that have a vaccine and is still around decades later.  Like measles and polio, and TB that should have been eliminated decades ago but they are still around. We live in a complex world now and have to take more care than before.  The ease of travel around the world put us all at risk. For some reason I don’t think that we will ever get back to the way we were before the corona virus came on the scene.  I don’t think the financial state of the United States will recover to back where it was.

To do so will take the total cooperation of  the rich and middle class and the poor.   We are all in this together.  World wide.   We all will need to wash our hands.  Lately I have been bumping elbows with the guys instead of shaking hands.  This is kind of tounge  in cheek and sort of a joke.  It may very well become a way of life.  We can’t always depend on others to take the care that we do so we must change our ways.   So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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