Hello to All:

It has been a quiet week out here.  No question as to if summer is here now or not.   Getting hotter every day.  So far I think that

105º is high. That is going by my electric weather station outside.  I don’t really trust the weather station in Abilene.  I don’t know how they get their information. Mine is on the front porch.

Last week I mentioned two of my old friends, Eddy and Sterling.  The bad news is that yes, Eddy passed on.  I have not seen or heard directly from him in years.  There are probably a dozen of guys like that.  After graduation they moved on and didn’t keep in touch with anyone.  So, the list of known school mates gets shorter. Next week a story or two about people who come and go in our lives.  About Sterling, he had a birth mark, as many of us do.   A brown patch of skin.  I have one silver dollar size on my right bicep.  Usually covered and no one sees it.  Sterling has a couple of brown spots in probably the worst place possible.  They are inside his ears.  It looks like he has dirty ears.   Those of us who know him don’t think a thing about it.  I have seen more than one school teacher embarrass herself by calling Sterling to the front of the class.  She was going to teach him a lesson about washing your ears.  Then have to stand there with a clean Kleenex  as Sterling explained that it was just a birth mark.

I know a couple more stories but they involve really embarrassing birth marks or growths in , uh, inconvenient places.  Best to leave those stories alone.  So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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