Hello to All:

It has been a quiet week out here.  Air is so hot and full of dust one can hardly get a breath to speak.  So, it is summer.  We knew it was coming so we can’t be surprised.  I can’t stay outside much later than 9:00 am.  Trying to get out early as possible and get something done.  Late evenings don’t work.  The sun dips low but the temp is still 100º.  My friend from Pecos thru 12 years of school there, Charles Stubblefield aka Unka Cholly, bought a place in Alaska. Somewhere in the island part that dribbles from Washington St up to the main body of Alaska.  He leaves Texas about the end of May and comes back late September.  Sissy.  But maybe wish I could do that.  He has the great American Bald Eagle, In his immediate area, for the summer. So he gets to watch them a lot.

Noticed some bird feathers on my back porch.  The cats have been at it again.  But the feathers were not too big, not a dove.   Later in the day I saw one of the baby Chimney Swifts on the ground.  I don’t know if it was trying to fledge and fly or just fell out.  I got the ladder and put him back up in his nest.  To my cat, Tobi, it was just a treat .  Can’t fault the cat, it is her nature.  I will try to keep a look out.  That is all I can do about that.

Looks like our neighbors across the street. Esley and Jessica are going to move soon.  Somewhere down on the coast.  We wish them luck.

I was out feeding John’s cats, under his car shed.  Saw Kenneth and Linda Dye and went to talk to them a minute.  Linda had killed another rattle going up to her yard where her dogs were going crazy.  One has been bitten twice.  Anyway, told her to throw in on that red ant bed and in a few days it will nearly all be gone. She doesn’t need a shotgun.  Linda gets her garden hoe and makes several more joints in the snakes back. It doesn’t even try to get away.  Well, the head is usually detached.

I notices that while driving to Ballinger that the stock tanks are nearly all dry.  There was one fairly big one on the North side of Hwy 67 and there was a cow standing in the middle of it looking around, trying to find the water. Looks to be a hard summer on ranchers.

We’ve been planning a trip to Oklahoma for two great grand baby’s birthdays this weekend but with this Covid 19 stuff so rampant in Texas and Oklahoma we have decided to postpone the trip ‘til late August. By the time we get there, we will  have  6 family birthdays so there will be an even bigger celebration.  All the grandsons, two of the greats and myself have birthdays within one month and 4 days of each other. Can’t wait to see the babies, they just grow too fast. The older two will be Pre K and 2nd grade this year. Karter (Bubba) is just 2 but it won’t be long before he joins them.

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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