Jesus said, “Woe to you, blind guides!”  An accusation to some religious leaders among the Jewish people.

 They were teaching the people things that the Word of God did not say. They, themselves were very hypocritical.

The gave their tenth of the spices; like mint, dill and cummin. Then they neglected important matters of the law such as justice, mercy and faithfulness.

 They were blinded by their own self- righteousness. Because they led the people and opposed Jesus as the Messiah, Jerusalem would burn.

 The city would be desolate like it had been in Jeremiah’s day. This history of Israel rejecting Him and turning to other gods and the history of the Jews rejecting

 Jesus Christ should be a warning in our day and time.
We have lived under the blessings of God in our land. “In God we Trust” and “One nation under God” has been printed on our currency and coins; and in our pledge to the flag.

 How many times have Americans lifted voices together to sing, “God bless America”? All my life these messages have been visible and heralded.

 The signs of a people who have rejected any reverence toward God is now becoming very vivid in our land. Violence, vandalism, theft and murder have erupted in the streets.

 Disrespect for authority is evident. The senseless efforts to cover up history adds to the foolishness. There is no righting any wrong by the clamoring of what wasn’t right.

 The taking away of the mottoes on the coins and changing the words of the pledge are signs of a people rejecting the God who has draped enormous blessings upon our land.
People have been guided blindly to believe that without God to rule over us, without the Creator to bless us, without the Redeemer life will be so much better.
The Bible is a true guide. For all who have stopped reading it, I would suggest getting back to it. Lots of blind guides are leading people down the road to ruin.
If America is to be blessed with freedom and prosperity in the future, God must be revered.

     Max Pratt

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