Hello to All:

It has been a quiet week out here.  Just the way you need it now and then.  One day we went to San Angelo and had some time and went by and visited Sasha and Michael and their triplets.  Seems like it was just a few weeks ago and they were wrapped up like a burrito.

Then they got mobile and were a riot to watch in a room full of toys. It would be a good idea to wear a helmet.  The toys got airborne often enough.   But now, they are four years old.  Having three kids in the house is not just one plus two more.  It is more like adding their ages = 12.  That is what it is like keeping up with those three.

There is Madelyn, Mary Kate ad Miles.  Darlene, the Grandmother (great grand to the kids) and Judy and I were sitting in the living room and the kids were playing near by in a room full of toys.  In a little while they all marched into the living room and lined up.  Miles had a toy guitar that you pushed a button to get a tone.  They began to sing to entertain us.  I never did make out the words or what the song was about, but they sang with great gusto.

This wasn’t a short act.  They sang for a good thirty minutes.   We gave them a good applause for their effort.  Then, as if nothing had gone on, they went back into the play room and took up where they left off.  This will be a group that I want to keep up with.

It looks like we lost our neighbors across the street, Esley and Jessica and kids and the grandmother. Esley got an offer for a job in another town and they packed up and left last evening.  I hope everything works out for them  I will miss those little boys. They were cute and fun to play with.  Oh, I went over to look and they took the chickens with them. There were several eggs laying about but I judge they have been out in the sun too long.

That is about all I know right now.  Tried of trying to watch the news on TV.   They go on and on about the same thing for two days and then go over it again.  This is going to be a very boring summer.

Just have the election and get it over with.  Those clowns on tv will not change anyone’s mind as to whom to vote for.

Had to make a quick trip to town.  The sticker on my truck expires the last day of July.  Wait, that is today.  Had to go by my insurance agents office.  I couldn’t find my insurance card.  Got that, went and got an inspection and hit just the right time to get in line, then to the Tax Collectors office and pay for a new sticker. Well, how often do you really look at your inspection sticker’s date?

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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