Hello to All:

It has been a quiet week out here.  Maybe a week or two or three.  I can sit here and make up excuses, but that is all they are is excuses for being somewhat lazy.   The Fall season lasted about two days. Then some winter cold and freezing.  That did help with the mosquito population.

Now I am behind a lot in my yard work.  Yesterday I used the weed eater for a couple of hours.  Now to mow over what was left.  It was green but now is a dry brown mess.  If someone going down the highway and throws a lighted cigarette , the yard would blaze up like some of the mountains in California.
That’s is something, isn’t it?  The West coast is burning to the ground and the gulf coast has had a couple  of hurricanes and flooding entire towns.  If someone can figure out how to get the water to the fire they would be famous.

On Halloween evening , I went to town where Judy was sitting with Mrs. Mary

When I came out of the house , just about getting dark, the street and sidewalks were loaded with little kids dressed up as Trump and the regular cowboys and what all.  I remember those days of long ago.  For one thing, a kid could walk all over town alone or with a friend and have no trouble.  Now, a parent needs to go along to make sure nothing happens.  A lot of towns have gone to having a big party for all the kids in the gym or someplace and there they have the situation controlled.  Not as much fun as “Trick or Treating” but you do what you have to do.

I could mention a couple of tricks  that probably would sound familiar to a lot of you.   How did that outhouse get put on the school yard?  Toilet paper some trees .  Paint initials on the water tower.  Turn the water on a fireplug.

Sneak up and tie a string of cans to the axel of a cop car. I was never actually convicted of doing any of the above.  I was an innocent observer.

 I was an adult living in Dallas and some jerks just had to mess up a good holiday and event for the kids.  They would put needles in the candy, put drugs in candy.  No need to be mean and do that.

I would take my kids around the street that we lived on.  When we got home I would examine every piece of candy to make sure it had not been altered.

My friend that lives down the road a little ways, the sometimes  philosopher

and poet stopped by and wanted me to share this bit of information with everyone.   Cats smell bad. Well, ok.  I have two cats but I have not held them up close and smelled them lately.  The cats seem to take care of the situation and sniff each other.  If someone has a good solution for the stinking cat

problem, please pass it on to me.

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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