Hello to All:

It has been a quiet week out here.  Nothing changed much with the weather.  Cool mornings and the sun comes out and mostly  a nice day.  One evening, Judy and I went into town to attend a memorial service for a long time resident.  The person was James Hoyle Palmer, 92.   His wife, Martha, preceded him in death. Martha  was the sister of Judy’s late husband, Herb Dean.  I had the pleasure of meeting James one or two times.   Back in time to 1946 to 1948 he was a Marine.  There were three Marines present, in full dress uniform.  The start of the service was the PVT played taps.  I have heard it played many times , while in the military and since. I have never heard it played so well, and I am a trumpet player.  Then the two sergeants did the flag ceremony  of unfolding the flag, saluting it and folding it back into the perfect triangle and presented it to James’ son, Herb Palmer.  It was a very dignified service.

A while back I mentioned that while driving by a certain pasture there was only one tree in the whole pasture.  All of the cows got up to it and crowded in as much as possible to get something in the shade, even if it was just a nose.  This was in the heat of the summer.  Now it is not too hot but habits are hard to break.  All of the cows were crowded up to the tree but the things is , all of the leaves are gone now.  The only shade came from the bare branches sticking out.

It happened again.  I was driving up to my carport and a skunk came walking out.  I backed up and let him the right of way.  Even if they don’t spray, it is stinky for a while.   I notice the cats did not bother

Mr. Skunk.  So It goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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