Hello to All:

It has been a quiet week out here.  Maybe a couple of weeks.  We didn’t get caught up in the Christmas and New Year whirl.  I stayed home mostly trying to avoid the virus.  Judy went to her job in town.  It doesn’t involve being around a lot of people , so we think she is safe.  This is very boring, I can guarantee you that.  The TV doesn’t have not much to watch.  I am sick of the politics and wish they would just behave in a civil manner.  I will let others get on the politicians and straighten them out.  It looks like that even the members of their  inner circle have no influence.

Let me say “Welcome” to our new contributor, Mandy.  We should have Coleman county pretty well covered now.  We both have chicken issues that we can talk about.  The other evening Judy walked up to the back door and said, “There is a red chicken on the back porch”.   OK, invite her in and put her in the pot.  I am not sure exactly where you live but I have crossed Mud Creek.  I recall that if it rained you would have some mud, but no creek.

Several of the creeks around here might stand an investigation as to how it got it’s name.   Driving to Ballinger from Talpa , several creeks are crossed. There is Bear Foot creek , like the animal.  I have not heard of bears being around here.  Wonder if they meant Bare Foot Creek?  Like when you were a kid and took your shoes and socks off? There is a Mullberry Creek, but there are no mulberries, and no creek. The only one that looks to be aptly named is Dry Creek.  It is dry.   I crossed Rattlesnake creek but didn’t get out to look and see if there were any snakes.  I think that I mentioned the chickens in a prior epistle.  There is also a white hen and a multicolored rooster.   I have not heard him crow and haven’t found any eggs.  If they are going to eat the cat food, I want to see some eggs.  I am going to mention to Mandy to not burn any of that mesquite wood in the house.  It has a strong smell that won’t ever go away.  It is okay for an outside pit.  It burns  even and hot for a long time.  Good to cook over.  Good to sit close and put your boots up to get warmed up.  So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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