Hello To All:

It has been a quiet week out here.  Maybe two or three weeks.  My pc decided to make things as difficult as possible.  I am an old guy that did not grow up with a pc.  I went from a yellow tablet and pencil to the pc worksheet.  A bit of technology goes a long way with me.  Last week nearly did me in anyway.  We drove to Dallas on a Monday  and stayed the night.  Early on Tuesday morning I went to see my internal medicine Doc.

for my six month checkup.  Doing ok for an old geezer.  Told me to lose weight, but he has been telling me that for 37 years.  What?  Yup, he has been my personal doctor since my older brother passed away.  Time creeps up on ya if you let it. Which is the only way to go.  Creep, not run up and grab ya.  I have documented the Dallas traffic before for your enlightenment.   The thick traffic now starts in on you about the other side of Weatherford.  Traffic tightens up  to you are four across and bumper to bumper

Going 85mph.  We didn’t even try to get out and go to a favorite restaurant.  Oh well,

The doc said that the preliminary exam was good and he would text me the lab results in the morning.  Everything was perking along.  Said I was good for another six months if I didn’t run into a rattler out here while mowing weeds.

We took time to have lunch with an old buddy that I worked with for many years at the home office of an insurance company.  He is trying to make it on a pacemaker now.  Said that his heart can malfunction for a second and that is the end of the story for him.

Said that he walks around the block every day.  That is more than I do and need to find somewhere to walk.  Walking along side Hwy 67 is not a good option.

Then the rest of the week pounded on me more.  Wednesday a trip to Ballinger to the drug store.  Thursday to San Angelo and again on Friday.  That old Ford has 207,+++ miles on it.  Hope it can keep going for awhile.

That old tomcat that bit me is still here.  When he bit me, l gave him a good left hook to the head.  He is a bit leery of me getting too close and he better be.  If I can catch him, he will be deported from the county with extreme prejudice.  That was after a fair trial with my two cats and the black retriever next door presiding.

That is the way it goes out here in our quiet little corner of Colman County.

Talpa Bob

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