Hello To All:

It has been a quite week out here.   Hard to talk about the weather anymore.  It follows the old Texas saying, “If you don’t like the weather, just wait a few minutes. “  Not far off.  We have had more rain in Talpa the pasts week or so than I remember.  The weed are doing just fine.  If it ever dries  out, I will mow.

We have a couple of new neighbors.  They are Bob and Wilma Wagner.  They moved into the house on the corner across the road from us.  I think that they moved here from Bronte.  Wilma said she needed a quieter place to live.  Except for the highway traffic, this is the quietest place in the county.  They have been moving in one pickup load at a time.  First they were repainting the walls. So if you holler for “Bob” you might get two people answering you.  Not really sure of the population now.

Have not seen the little red hen lately. She may have fallen prey to one of the local foxes.  A little after dark last night I looked out on the back porch.   I usually bring in what is left of the cat food.  Too late, there stands Mr. Skunk.  I left him to eat up the last of the cat food, drink the entire water bowl, then he looked around and couldn’t see anymore to eat or drink, he left.  Guess I better start a little earlier in picking up the cat food.  He can go somewhere else to eat.  Old Pea Eye  still comes by for anything he can find.  He scatters the empty food cans all over the place   Guess I need to start putting the empties in a bag and close it up.  Did that and he can smell the food cans and scratch the bag open and scatter the cans anyway, looking for just a bite. For now it is easier to leave him some of the dry food out in a bowl where he “sneaks in”.  Even if I do trap him, where do I take him?  City of Coleman said that they didn’t have anyone in the animal control office right now.  Ballinger said they didn’t need any extra animals from out of county to deal with. So, I will just leave a little bit of food out for him to eat.

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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