Hello to All:

It has been a quiet week out here. I guess. Been gone to Oklahoma for longer than I expected. It all started out with a wedding invitation to Judy’s grandsons wedding. Then we went a week early to help them out by taking care of his kids while they prepared for the wedding.

I had the easy part. They told me to take care of Bubba, the 3 year old. Now you are talking my type of “baby sitting”. I had many years of experience taking care of little boys. We would get out a box of matchbook cars and a few trucks. We played load the truck with cars and dump them across the room. Then roll them back and forth. We would have loved to go outside but the rain just never did go away and everything was muddy anyway. .Then we can read kids books.

Judy was tasked to take care of the two girls. So, we let them go do what ever they wanted. This went on for a week. The groom, Blake, was out mowing the grass the evening before the wedding. We were just hoping the mosquitoes would let up. They didn’t . They had the little smudge pots burning and giving off some smoke to drive them away. That worked some what. The rehearsal gave me a sense of foreboding. The flower girls (5 and 7) were running wild and Bubba,

the ring bearer was in full pursuit. The hour of the wedding they settled down and you never saw three kids do a better job. I could just see Bubba running away and taking the ring with him. Then there was a nice buffet under a tent, after the vows were said. There wasn’t any rice throwing, which I never did like. There was no get away car.

Blake and Heather stayed and had lunch with the rests of us. All said, it was a nice event. There was a photographer there and must have taken a thousand pictures. I even got in one or two. Judy and I stayed that Sunday night and on Monday morning packed up and headed for Texas. Sure was a long trip back. So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County

Talpa Bob

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