Hello To All:

It has been a quiet week out here. That is because I got a lame foot and have been going around barefoot. What happened was I walked around all day Monday going into stores, out of the stores, back in the truck, get out of the truck and go in another store. You got the idea.

Didn’t feel a thing particularly wrong with either foot. I got home and was going to relax a bit. Took the shoes off and the socks off and on my right foot, between the second and third toe was a blister that was about marble size. How did this happen? It wasn’t a friction thing. I guess it was a spider or some kind of a bug. Called my RN sister and asked her opinion. She said to get it clean, pop it and put on some of that triple antibiotic cream I have in a tube. Been going barefoot since then and let it dry out. Never did find a spider or bug of any kind in the sock or shoe. Oh well, guess it wasn’t a brown recluse spider or anything dangerous.

Friday I was out in the driveway watching Judy back out to go to Ballinger. There was a car across the highway pulled over and a couple of guys in it. One was trying to tell Judy something and she waved him to come ask me. Long story short, they had a flat and a little bitty scissor jack that they couldn’t get in a good place to jack it up and did I have a jack. Yeah, sure. Let me get my pickup over here behind you. My jack is in the tool box. They got a chuckle out when I use the power tail gate to get up in the bed. Get the hydraulic jack out of the tool box and we had that little Chevy of some kind up in the air and the little donut spare on in a minute. It was low on air. About half flat. Ok I said, pull across the highway and pull in behind me. I have a good air compressor. Got the larger guy to help me get it out of the cargo container and I got the long extension cord out and we had that compressor ready in just a minute. Took a good 3 or 4 minutes to get the electrical cord and air hose connected to the tank to air and to the tire. Problem solved. The older guy came up to me and was trying to give me some money.

No, I tell him, I wasn’t out of anything but a few minutes of time.

Told him if it was gas I might. No, just have a safe trip and pass it on if you get a chance to help some other pilgrim that is having trouble.

That is the way it goes out here in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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