Despite Colorado City being on a 21 game losing streak prior to September 10th and the Bearcats being a big favorite any coach will tell you that every victory is tough. Any number of things can go wrong and countless hours go into making sure that it doesn’t. Add in your head coach and athletic director unable to make the game and things could have gone very bad. Luckily for Ballinger that Coach Marvin Wilson and the rest of the coaches were able to get the young men on the field to execute the gameplan to perfection. Run the ball and stop the run seemed to be the mantra of Ballinger early and often.

In a workmanship performance for Ballinger the highlight of the game was seeing Nakia Villarreal get a big man touchdown in spectacular fashion as he returned a fumble about 80 yards for the score.

Carter Arrott threw for just 61 yards, but on a 75% completion rate as Ballinger just had no need to push the ball down the field. Arrott also had 104 yards on 12 carries with Zach Canada and Beau Perkins pitching in 74 and 80 respectively. All three rushers got touchdowns in the game to join Nakia in the scoring column.

The Bearcat defense In addition to the shutout was suffocating as they gave up just 135 yards of total offense to the Wolves.

This week, on September 17th, Ballinger will travel to Clyde in order to face the 0-3 Bulldogs.

Pictures can be ordered from the link below:


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