There were so many things to think about when looking at the Llano game this year. Much like the opening game of the year where the Bearcats were the only team to defeat Jim Ned a season ago, Llano was the only team to defeat Ballinger until the playoffs. Last season was the Llano Homecoming, this season was Ballinger’s. Last season was looked at by experts to be a very close game, while this season nobody was giving Ballinger much of a chance, except the Bearcats. Ballinger was able to win the contest 35-34 in overtime after being shut out 35-0 a season ago.

In a game that started out very slow both teams struggled to get anything going on their first drive leading to two consecutive punts. Llano was able to strike first, however, on their second series which ended in a field goal. Ballinger was able to get two first downs on their next drive, but still would not put points on the board. Their third drive was able to end in a touchdown when Ballinger went 85 yards on 12 plays. The drive ended on a Carter Arrott 5-yard touchdown run just inside the left pylon.

On their next possession Llano drove down and scored a touchdown, although they missed the extra point making the score 9-7. Little did anyone know how much that missed extra point would come into play later on. Arrott drove the Bearcats down the field before halftime, but Ballinger was unable to come away with any points to give the Bearcats the lead.

After halftime Ballinger was having some mixed success moving the ball, when on 3rd and 23 Trey Matschek gained 34 yards on a tunnel screen where he weaved in and out of defenders and even ran over a couple at the end of the run. This play seemed to finally get the Bearcats on track offensively as it put a spark into the Ballinger passing game. Two plays later the Llano defense bit hard on Trey running an underneath route and Blake Collom was able to beat them deep and after catching the ball on the Llano 20 he was able to outrun a defender while muscling past another to just get the ball over the pylon. The extra point from Ballinger was blocked to make our score 13-9. The lead for Ballinger wouldn’t last long as Llano scored on a 37 yard touchdown pass just four plays later making it 15-13.

This quick score did nothing to discourage the Bearcats though it seemed. On the following drive Ballinger had a 3rd and 8 when Martin Quiroga sat down in the zone and was able to make a tremendous catch and run for 13 yards. Carter was able to catch the defense off guard when he sprinted for 22 yards off of the left side for another touchdown run. Again the Llano offense fought past the defense of Ballinger for another score.  Beau Perkins rumbled for a 2-point conversion giving Ballinger a 21-15 lead. The Ballinger defense again was unable to stop the Llano offense when they ran for another touchdown on their following drive. Markus Castleberry was able to get a big paw up in front of the ball and block the kick making the game score tied at 21. Ballinger’s next score came on a Carter Arrott dive that came following some big catches by Blake Collom and Trey Matschek that helped Ballinger get down to the Llano 1-yard line. Llano once again scored quickly on a deep pass to tie the game again at 28. Ballinger tried to score before the end of regulation, but they were unable to do so.

After taking the field first in overtime the Ballinger offense got into a tough position. After the Llano defense got Ballinger to 4th and 17 from the 32 yard line Arrott was able to find Blake Collom in the endzone where he snagged the ball out of the air on a tremendous leaping catch. Ballinger would make their extra point for a seven point advantage. Llano would come back and score again. Looking to tie the game again and head to second overtime Llano lined up for the kick and missed it wide right giving Ballinger the win.

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Team Stats


Number of Plays 47 72
Total Offense 312 425
Time of Possession 15:46 32:14
Rushing Attempts – Yards 21 – 87 46 – 217
Passing Completions/Attempts 16/26 12/26
Passing Yards 225 208
Passing Touchdowns – Interceptions 3 – 0 2 – 2
Fumbles – Lost 0 – 0 1 – 1
Turnovers 0 3
First Downs 17 27
First Downs – Rushing 6 13
First Downs – Passing 9 9
First Downs – Penalties 2 5
Third Down Conversions/Attempts 3/9 (33.3%) 9/13 (69.2%)
Fourth Down Conversions/Attempts 1/2 (50%) 2/3 (66.7%)
Penalties – Yards 7 – 80 8 – 85
Defensive Sacks – Yards 0 – 0 0 – 0
Punts – Average 3 – 26.3 1 – 29



Cmp Att Yds Cmp% TD Int
#12 Carter Arrott 12 25 208 48% 2 2
#20 Beau Perkins 0 1 0 0% 0 0


Att Yds Avg TD
#20 Beau Perkins 18 117 6.5 0
#12 Carter Arrott 27 99 3.7 3
#10 Trey Matschek 1 1 1 0


Rec Yds Avg TD
#10 Trey Matschek 6 104 17.3 0
#5 Blake Collom 4 82 20.5 2
#4 Martin Quiroga 1 18 18 0
#32 Zach Canada 1 4 4 0


#2 Briley Clinton 0 0 3 3


Att Yds Avg I20
#12 Carter Arrott 1 29 29 0


Att Yds Avg TD
#6 Luke Rollwitz 3 40 13.3 0
#5 Blake Collom 2 28 14 0
#12 Carter Arrott 1 0 0 0


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