Hello To All:

It has been a quiet week out here.  Remember a few weeks back and we had tens of thousands of ½” grasshoppers?   Now they are 3” grasshoppers and are all over the place.  I guess they will hang on as long as they can.

Last week we went to Richardson for my 6 mo check up.  We went on a Thursday and stayed the night as my appointment was 9:00 am.Friday.  The next morning  I got up early and went to that dr,  appt.   Judy wanted to do some shopping so I took her to a really big Dillard’s.  Then to a Walmart Super Store.  I could go there and look around for several hours just for recreation.   Then back to the motel and had a nap.  Judy’s sister , Peggy, and her son, Boyd, took us out for dinner.  We were going to go to a close by Olive Garden but ended up at a Fish place .  It was a hole in the wall place that was clean enough and they served up more than you could eat.

Had a good visit with them.  On Saturday morning I went to Wiley to visit with my daughter, Kristen, and her daughter Hanna.  We had a good lunch and visited a long time.   Judy and her nephew, Boyd went to the Texas vs OK game in the Cotton Bowl.  Oklahoma made history making come back to defeat Texas and left 3 seconds on the clock. Kristen and I had the tv on and knew when the game was over.  I started back to the motel and waited for Boyd and Judy to make it back.  The traffic was

a mess for hours.  We got a late start back to Talpa.  As we were just about to leave Ft Worth we decided to get a bite to eat.  We stopped at a

IHOP on our side of the highway and went in.  We had a good dinner of pancakes and fried eggs and bacon.  We just ate and chatted and had some coffee.   The waitress came up to us and told us that the gent who was sitting on toward the back of the dinning room had paid our ticket.
So we turned to look but he was gone.  We asked the waitress if he came in often and she could give him our thanks.  No, she said, never seen him in her life.  So, someone offered a kindness to a stranger.  It worked.

I guess the hidden message is to pass it on.   Make someone smile for the rest of their trip.

My Doctor didn’t have the results of my lab test until Saturday.  It was the best checkup I have had in many years.

 So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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