Hello To All:

It has been a quiet week out here.  Earlier in the week we did get some rain.  Enough to settle the dust.  Last week I mentioned that I took Judy

to that four story Dillard’s in the Dallas area.  We were on the second floor and were looking for the children’s department.  We asked a person standing behind the counter  for directions.  This person was very tall, about 6’5”,  and I thought well dressed for a woman that tall.  She pointed The way and we thanked her and went on our way.  When we were out of ear shot I mentioned to Judy, ” that sure was a tall woman.”

Judy looked at me and said, “That was no woman, that was a man who wishes he were a woman”.   One of those trans persons.  I didn’t say anything, just followed on to the kids clothes.  A 6’5” woman is going to have a problem getting a date.  Probably a better looking woman than man.

We were in Oklahoma a couple of weeks ago.  Got back and were resting up some.  Judy got a call from her daughter in Verden, OK.  They had a tornado come by.  It tore up some roof over the kitchen and scrambled everything inside.  It took off the back end of a storage building.  The daughter, Jera, and the kids were in the storm cellar and were unhurt.

just inconvenienced.  The tornado was on Sunday evening.  Judy decided to go and help , mostly keeping the three great grands  out of the way and happy.  Judy said that there were six men on the roof and were

really going at it.  I asked if  that was a roofing co?  No, friends who volunteered to come help.  Not sure that I know 6 people who know that much about roofing and are friend enough to help.  There was considerable damage all over Verden.

Got my monthly water bill.  I noticed right away that it was much higher that usual.   Said that we used over 8,000 gallons of water.  WHAT?  No way.  I went around checking the faucets in the house  and then went outside and checked to see if a hose got left running.  No.  Oh rats, my neighbor John had a problem a few weeks ago and had to call a guy to come crawl under the house and fix the plumbing.  Cost considerable.

I told Judy and she told me to just go call the guy John used to come out that I didn’t have any business crawling under the house.  OK, you win and I was all set to call.  First I had some other business to take care of.

I went into my bathroom and noticed the water was running in the bowl.

Waited a few minutes and it kept running.  Went and checked Judy’s bathroom and the same thing was going on in her toilet.  I made a few calls and found out that two toilets leaking at all for a month will use up a lot of water.  Went to town and got a couple of new flappers.  Come back and install them.   Go out to the water meter and the little triangle stopped turning.   Yeah Bah, only four weeks late and a week in to the new billing cycle.  That was over 1,000 gallons used  when I fixed it.  I

have been going out and checking the meter to see if that fixed it or did

I have another problem.  So far it is just regular usage.  Just waiting for the next catastrophe, hope it isn’t a tornado.

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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