Hello To All:

It has been a quiet week out here.  Seems like everything is urgent these days.  You might recall that a few weeks ago I told about my second oldest son, David, and his wife and kids all got the covid 19.  Over all it seems to be a rather mild case for all of them.  They seemed to recover quickly.  David did mention that it had effected his equilibrium.  He was having to be careful to not fall.   Last Wednesday his luck ran out. His wife, Carrie, was at work and the kids at school. She got home and found David on the floor.  He had taken a hard fall.   He have been throwing up and was groggy.  Over his objections, Carrie got him to the ER in Georgetown.   They almost immediately transferred him to Round Rock where they had a neurosurgeon.  At this time he knew his wife and where he was.    After a few tests the diagnosis was  Subdural Hematoma.  Bleeding of the brain.  If you google this up it will scare the socks off of you.  The neuro doctors decided that they could control the bleeding with meds and not have to drill a hole in the skull to relieve the pressure.  That seemed to be working.  Thursday night for some reason he kept wanting to get up and walk around.   Of course he would probably fall again so they sedated him.  He woke up this morning very groggy.  He did not recognize his wife or know where he was.   I understand that after being sedated that this is not uncommon.  So, that is where we are now.  The hard part is that I can’t do a thing in the world to help.

So, that is the way it goes out here in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa  Bob

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