Military History and Veterans of Runnels County Volume VI will be a compilation of military involvement in the county and of those who have served in the military during both war-time and peace-time. Submissions should be sent as soon as possible, but must be received by March 31, 2022. Family members may submit information on deceased veterans. Please submit stories in Microsoft Word and pictures as a jpg file (no pdf’s).


Any veteran who was ever a resident of Runnels County and served at any time in any branch of the United States military or National or State Guard, is encourage to submit information about their service, not to exceed 250 words. Please include name, highest rank, branch of service, training, where stationed, war-time experience, parents and/or spouse, and awards received. Please include one picture of the veteran.


Additional interesting stories of serving in the military (including war-time) are also requested and will be published as room allows in the book.


Please submit these veteran stories to or, or mail to Runnels County Historical Commission, PO Box 211, Winters, Texas 79567.


Please pass this information to any veteran in the county or any veteran who ever lived in Runnels County.

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