Hello To All:

It has been  a quiet week out here. If one more person asks me, “Is it cold enough for ya?” , I might hit them in the mouth.  Had enough cold to do me for a long time.  I thought right before Christmas it was an early spring.  Nope.

Been channel surfing trying to find something to watch.  Just not a lot of interesting shows on in the afternoons.   I got to watching the Cowboy Channel and got interested in it.   I am from Pecos, Home of the world’s first Rodeo, and they can prove it.  No place has been able to come up with an earlier start date of a real rodeo.  Seems the timed events are getting faster and some other things .  I seem to remember back in the 1950’s that bull riding was 8 seconds for a qualified ride and bucking horse was 10 seconds.   Might be my memory is off.  The tie down roping

Of a calf was closer to 20 seconds back then.  Now these guys are catching and tying down in 6 or 7 seconds.  Steer wrestling is something again.  A man can throw a steer in 10 seconds and not place today.  I see things like 3.8 seconds. That is scary.  I do recall that there were some guys that made watching a bit more fun.  There was one black cowboy on the rodeo circuit back then.  I forget his name but his technique was to jump on the steer and grab one horn and get a bite on the steer’s lip.

That is right, with his mouth and teeth bite on the steer’s lip.   The steer would have to turn over or lose a lip.   I always wondered if that guy had a girlfriend or wife that he was wanting to kiss later.  Did they make him wash his mouth out with soap?  The bulls they ride these days are cross bred.  All they had back in the day was the old gray brahma bulls with that big hump on its back.  They didn’t have names, just numbers.  They were all rank.  There was one bull that had not been ridden in something like 90 outs.  A cowboy named Freckles Brown rode him. It might have been at the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo.  They wrote a song about it and it was fairly popular for a while.  Think the bull was #409, not sure about that.  That was a longtime ago.  One of the fun things in Pecos was waiting for one of the bulls to jump the fence and go downtown to do some sight seeing.  There might be 4 or 5 cowboys on horseback ride down town and try to rope the bull and pull him the 2 miles or so back to the rodeo grounds. There was one bull that went through the window at J.C. Penny’s to do some shopping.   Sometimes one of those 2,000 lb bulls would try to jump over a car and it would leave a nice dent in the top of the car.  I always wondered if that was covered by their insurance.  There were several other entertaining things take place at the rodeo.  Kind of miss the old days.  So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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