After a some time off the Ballinger Powerlifting teams traveled to Brady to compete at the Heart of Texas Meet and overall the performed very well. The boys were able to take home 3rd place as a team with six lifters bringing home a top 5 medal. The girls did very well also, with two lifters bringing home a top 5 medal.

For the girls Alyssa Aguero was able to improve her lift total by 95 pounds, almost her entire bodyweight, in the past two weeks. At the meet she was able to take first in the 105# Class and with her new total moved from 5th all the way to 2nd place, just 15 pounds away from 1st with 630#. At this point Alyssa is basically a lock to advance to Regionals. In the 114# Class Elaine Zhuang and Skyla Hostetter were neck and neck finishing 7th and 8th respectively. Elaine sits just outside the top 12 currently with a 555# total, but she still has a chance to qualify for Regionals. Loveli Sanders medaled with a 4th place finish in the 132# Class. Her current total of 570 # has her outside the top 12. Regionals looks like a long shot for Loveli this year, but just a Freshman look for her to make some noise in the coming years. Many other girls had strong performances and almost all of them will be coming back next year.

The boys team had many strong performances, as evidenced by their 3rd place team finish. In the 114# Class Brady Clinton did not medal, but he currently has a total of 595# and is 11th in the Region. Another Freshman, Brady will have plenty of opportunities in the future to make an impact. In the 165# Class there was a stiff competition for medals with orders changing drastically every lift. Ballinger lifters Nathan Rivera-McDuffee and Jayden Fuentes finished with identical 1135 pound totals, but the tie-breaker went to Nathan with a lower bodyweight. Nathan finished with a 5th place medal. The two lifters also moved up in the standings tied for 2nd. Nathan brought his total up 115 pounds to jump all the way from 14th to 2nd place. Both boys are all, but locked into Regionals currently. In the 181# Class Monte McKinnon finished with a 5th place medal and a 1125# total. Monte is solidly in the top 12 at 8th, but another meet to get his total up more is most likely to further solidify his spot. The 198# Class was another fierce competition that saw Daniel Medina taking 2nd with 1320# and Zach Canada in 4th with 1260#. Current standings have them at 1st and 2nd in the Region and these two must now grind out in preperation for the Regional Meet that will likely be a dogfight. Landyn Macintyre absolutely dominated the 242# Class finishing in 1st place 165# ahead of 2nd. Landyn was awarded the Top Heavyweight lifter of the meet and he is currently ranked 2nd in the Region. Landyn must now prepare for Regionals now as he looks to solidify a spot at State with a 105# lead over 3rd place. Markus Castleberry is in the same situation as Landyn. 225# ahead of 3rd in the 308# Class Markus looks to be locked in moving forward and must now prepare himself for stiffer competition after he finished 1st at Brady with 1470#. There were many other lifters that did very well at the meet. Like on the girls side many are underclassmen that you will be hearing from a lot in the coming years.

Ballinger is scheduled to travel to Hamilton on Saturday February 19th at 9:00AM.

Regionals for the boys will be Saturday March 12th in Sundown at 9:00AM.

Regionals information for the girls will be released soon.

Make it out to see these kids before their season is over.

Pictures can be purchased from the link below:

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