Favorite sports moment: My favorite sports moment was probably when I threw in the first round of the playoffs, had 14 strikeouts and I got my first gold glove.

Years involved in selected sport: Played baseball for 12 years.

Career Postseason Awards (All-sports): All West Texas; 1st Team All-district; District Newcomer of the Year; Silver Slugger; Golden Glove

What does being selected to the FCA All-star mean to you: It makes me feel honored and accomplished to play one last high school baseball game.

Message to Lane from Mom and Dad: From a young age we have known what a unique and special young man you are. You have always put your faith and family first and that is something rare and special. You have never been afraid to work hard, go against the grain, be yourself and be confident in your own path. On & off the baseball field your kind spirit & servant heart continues to amaze us and we have loved watching the young man you have become. Behind You, All Your Memories Before You, All Your Dreams, Around You, All who love you, Within You, All You Need. As this chapter in your life comes to an end, we couldn’t be more honored to watch you play in the FCA All-Star Baseball game.

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