I recently had the pleasure of working a few days in Ballinger. Everyone who lives here is fortunate to be a resident of such a nice and interesting city. It really is a jewel of Texas history.
Your city has many beautiful historic buildings and churches. During my time off I was able to drive around and photograph several of these wonderful structures and post them to my Facebook.
I was lucky enough to learn about the city history from one of your local residents. If I ever get to the opportunity, I will have to visit your library to read through the collection of essays by local students documenting the area history. Unfortunately, I did not learn about these papers until it was too late to visit the library.
The people who run the Executive Inn were very nice and fun to talk to. I was able to eat at several of your restaurants and they were all excellent with friendly and capable staff.
My favorite part of the stay was the opportunity to meet up and share a meal with an old friend from junior high in Farwell, TX. Back in 1972 Wayne Martin and I were part of Boy Scout Troop 200 that rode an “experienced” school bus from Farwell to Alaska and back. It was truly the adventure of a lifetime so getting to meet up with he and his wife was special.
I hope that all of your residents understand and appreciate how blessed you are to live in such a splended town.

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