by: Chad McDuffee

One thing that has been extremely nice to see this school year is the patrol cars sitting outside almost every morning at drop-off. Having a police presence doesn’t necessarily ensure that nothing bad will happen, but as a parent it definitely makes you feel better dropping your children off for the day. It also makes me feel better about the High School parking lot, which many days resembles the Daytona 500 with many kids trying not to get run over or forced into the wall.

I especially wanted to give a thanks to Officer Travis Baird for his actions today. He was conducting a perimeter check on foot around the entire Junior High and High School, making sure every door besides main entry points was shut and secure. And if you’re thinking he was made too or he that’s his job, you may be right, but the important thing is he actually did it. Through my own law enforcement time I have all too often seen people just check the block. Drive up, call it in, wait the approximate amount of time to conduct the required task and then call back on patrol. It happens more than you would think. Officer Baird doesn’t take the easy way out, he walked up to grabbed and pulled on each and every door, and for that he should be commended. Our children are safer and we as parents can rest a little easier knowing that someone is out there making sure that precautions are taken. After leaving the High School and heading into town I observed Officer Baird leave the highway to head down 8th Street, presumably to go to the Elementary School to conduct the same perimeter check he had just conducted up the road. Thank you Officer Baird for your work ensuring our children can learn safely. You are appreciated!

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